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Roambi helps the people to share and communicate information on the iPad. It displays a portfolio of dashboard-style analytics that are intuitive to use, fast to deploy, and easy to integrate with your existing reporting systems.

Roambi Analytics transforms existing business reports and data – from many common business intelligence systems – into stunning visual displays at a quicker rate. This free Roambi Analytics Visualizer application contains fully functional samples of interactive, vivid mobile reports that let you tap, pinch, and swipe information in a display.

Quality tools are there depends on the data and the kind of analysis the quality tools is automatically selected by the app. For example in case of checking limits of the values between maximum and minimum control chart is used for graphical representation. Likewise the data submitted is visualized graphically by means of its respective quality tools.

The Roambi Analytics Visualizer app is used to retrieve, consume, and interact with Roambi reports. If you need to create and publish your own Roambi reports you need to access to the Roambi Analytics Publisher. Based on your needs, there are three separate options available for you to gain the access on the Roambi Analytics Publisher: Roambi Lite, Roambi Pro, and Roambi ES.

USES of Roambi Analytics & How TO USE IT:

  1. It makes it very easy to track trends in the business, there is some work with excel to get your data entered in it but awesome in displaying your data; tutorials and templates sections available that allow you to quickly import your data.
  2. Check up daily on each of your stocks, is a great way to view your business data on-the-go, you can have your company’s data with you at all times and can analyze it wherever you go. The graphs are amazing and it’s very easy to use.
  3. Roambi Pro works with Google and Sales force and also offered the security features of your company needed
    Nice interface and data, it’s very easy to map spreadsheets & the interface is great; Easy to use, phenomenal interface, Very easy to take the templates and model the excel spreadsheet with data and upload to Roambi website. Demo right away, tweaking is very easy, and the ability to manipulate data exceeds expensive software that we’ve been using for some time.
  4. Beautiful Business Intelligence, Making it easily accessible for further analysis. It took us just a few hours to take the app and connect it to some views of our Oracle database.
  5. It’s an excellent education tool; you can easily flip to any student while protecting confidentiality. It would be a great tool for high school math science to address data visualization concepts/skills.

Powerful Analytics Visualizer app for the enterprise which

a) Does not just take the existing world of excel spreadsheets and shrinks the screen but fundamentally redefines how excel data should be presented on smaller devices.
b) Is easy to use, requires no manual and is free. Very powerful, we can hope that we can look forward to more standard templates in the upcoming versions.

Fabulous app; it quickly converted files to graphs in less than 7 minutes. The new benchmark for spreadsheet apps

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