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“Financial Situation in the Palm of Your Hand” is the quote for this App. It’s says that the financial situation around the world at any corner of the world can be visualized in your I-Pad through this App “Mint”. It provides you all the data of the current and important changes happening in the financial world.

Mint is a personal finance website, it has become an essential tool for keeping track of your expenses and organizing information that your accountant needs to prepare your income taxes. The great thing about Mint is the way it pulls data from the checking account, savings accounts, stock brokerages, and credit cards it creates an attractive and easier method to understand the reports and graphs. It’s so much easier to use.

It provides a financial situation in the visualization as follows,

1. A pie chart that shows your spending amount by category -wise.

2. Alerts will be displayed about your upcoming bills and other important information.

3. A progress bar is been displayed that shows how much under or over budget you are for the month. It helps you to take the decision on your financial department.

4. A list of your top most spending categories for the month.

Mint iPad app consists of eight columns namely;

  • Financial today’s news paper
  • Current updated news
  • opinion
  • Money
  • Markets
  • Lounge
  • Indulge
  • Multimedia

 In Financial Today‘s news paper:

Stocks, finance, investment and property related news be published. All top rated news paper’s news is collectively viewed in this page.
Current updated news: On time news, present situations and financial news with video and audio is being displayed in this column.
Opinion: Experts Opinion is shared. Financial expert’s speech and their views are shared in this column.
Money: Value of currency raise and drop is displayed in this column. It’s explaining the reason behind them and also forecasting the currency’s value in future.
Markets: NSE, BSE, NASDAQ, DOW JONES rates are graphed as per the time. Commodities, stock markets, top gainers, top losers are clearly explained in this column.
Lounge: It’s an odd thing in mint which describes things beyond or other than work; its sections include travel, books, culture, style, play, insider, parenting etc.
Indulge: In this column the product which made indulge in markets are discussed. New products or innovated an improved version which creates a desire among people are being discussed in this column.
Multimedia: The factors affecting the market or day to day market specialty is been clipped and made it as a presentation in this column.

How Mint is useful in Business life:

  • Top and important news can be viewed anywhere at anytime
  • Updated flash news can be viewed it provides a clear knowledge and helps to make decision based upon it.
  • Expert’s advice consideration helps your business investment in a good place.
  • Value of currency and stock exchange commodities are been viewed up datable helps you to make the exchanges safer and profitable.
  • Share holders can view their share price at anywhere at anytime
  • New products review, helps you to think to adapt the beneficiary of the upcoming changes.

Mint App for iPad Snapshots: