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Evernote iPad app is the best pick for taking quick notes on move and access or review them from any device. It is user friendly and available at free of cost, currently supports most platforms like Mac, IPhone, iPad, and iPod and a web version as well.  Its help you to take quick notes. While using multiple sources for making notes “Ever note” apps is a good method to create and maintain notes. Cross platform feature is the key factor of this application – take notes on you iPad and access those notes from PC or iMac. It helps you to organize data and information in a simpler way, all notes are syncronized immediately, so when you create a note on ipad and check your iMac, its there ! It includes features of taking photos, creating to-do-lists and setting record voice reminders and audio notes. It’s a handy tool for a business person, who wants to quickly capture and organize ideas, but the app suffers something from missing some elements found in the desktop version, as well as limitations placed on the free service. Go through below Evernote ipad app review to get a clear picture of what the application is all about.

How to use Evernote iPad App:

Sign in to the app or web based version of Evernote by creating an account, “New note” option is available to create a new note, the icon is placed on left side bottom. On top side right corner you can see the icon of Microphone, camera and photo gallery. After the note is created you can save the note, share the notes to your friend and Tag it these options are available on top side center of the screen. You can mark the notes with the details, so that in future you can search it easier. Last but not the least, synchronization helps you synchronize your iPad with other devices like Mac, PC etc in matter of seconds. Its help us to access data from anywhere on any platform. Free and premium apps are available. In Premium version you can access the data even in off-line mode.

evernote ipad app review

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Ways of using Evernote in your day today life:

  • Reduce paper usages by taking snapshots of business cards, important documents and notes.
  • It helps to be a part of GTD [Get Things Done] System to stay updated and organized.
  • Save your receipts like bills and contracts in digital formats.
  • Can able to Track your data through iPad from your remote desktop.
  • Create a task list and check things off as you go
  • Plan a trip; keep track of travel plans, plane tickets and passports.
  • Take snapshots anywhere as you travel and share with your friends
  • Take, save and access class notes, draft agendas and research notes anywhere at any time.

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Audio, Image and information can be collected, recorded and accessed easily with evernote app. Options are easier to use and understandable. It’s simple and a very user friendly application. The app is reliable and trustworthy, Stability is good, User interface is the best. No complexity to handle the apps. Simple and clear icons are available to direct the user. Free and premium apps are available. Both are economical and worthier. Premium apps provide you greater accessibility to the data. Overall it’s a worthy application for iPad.