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Dropbox iPad app helps you to organize all your photos, docs, and videos from anywhere on any device. In the last post we wrote about Evernote iPad app review Which is an awesome app for sharing and organizing notes on multiple devices. For files, Dropbox is the best app in its category. Once you install Dropbox on your system, any file you save in Dropbox will automatically save in all your computers, i.e in your iPad and even in the Dropbox website. With the Dropbox app, you can take everything that you need to you on the go. Read your documents or flips through your albums when you’re away from your system. Save your photos and videos to your Dropbox and follow easier steps to share them with friends. Even if you leave your iPad anywhere away, your stuff is always safe on Dropbox. Read our complete Dropbox iPad app Review and learn how to get the maximum advantage from the app.

Dropbox for iPad is a quality online data backup service that lets you store up to 2.5 GB of free space ( You may also purchase more space for minimal cost ) and also a good way to sync your files across your various work, home computers and mobile devices. It helps you to share files for collaboration, store and share photo and video galleries, and your data will all be safely backed up on Drop box’s secure servers. lets talk about the app more in detail,

Ease of use:

Dropbox app is fairly easy to use. Simply download the application and set it to backup your data and forget about it. You can easily put files you want to sync and possibly share files/folders with others on your computer and access it from anywhere you need.

Backup space:

          You’re provided with initial 2 GB free space and + 500 MB per referral ( upto 18 GB ). You can purchase storage space at different quantity; it provides 50GB and 100GB monthly plans, if you need more than 100GB you need to purchase Dropbox Team accounts for more than one person, In those cases you need to contact them directly and request for additional space, visit Dropbox Website for more details. One notable factor is when you refer friends, family and colleagues to the service you will get additional storage spaces for free of charges.


          Dropbox iPad app is highly secure as it uses SSL for secure transfers, and encrypts all files with AES-256 before storing them on its servers. Public folders are viewable by anyone. Photo gallery links can be accessed from anywhere by anyone with whom you share the gallery, though other areas of your account is in well secure condition.

Remote/ Mobile/ Web access:

In the Dropbox app you can share folders, image galleries etc. they are viewable by anyone means of either by a link or by sharing them with a controlled group, then enter the email addresses to which you need to send the sharing invitation. Once you share the folder, Dropbox will send an invitation link to your partners immediately.

Back-Up Feature:

With this online data backup service, you can use the application to schedule automatic backups and control the bandwidth usages. Drop box’s online file manager is very easy to use, plus accessing and sharing files is simple. You can also configure email notifications, connect and sync the variety of computers you use with this service and view you’re backed up data and monitor the status.

How to use Dropbox :

As the name itself explains as it serves as a box, you can drop your files in it and the most advanced feature is you can access those files anywhere at any time. Four options available in it namely; Dropbox, Favorites, Uploads and settings. These options are available at the left side bottom. Dropbox saved files are available in the sorted manner as files, pictures, videos and audios.  You May also “Favorite” the particular file.

If you wish to access a particular file multiple times a day ( may be a song or a document ), Just mark it as “Favorite”, it will then be saved locally for immediate access next time when you open it. It saves your internet Data Usage.

In uploads column the new files can been uploaded to the dropbox.  Settings options helps you to manage your accounts as your wish. The best feature is you can select your file and directly attach it to your email and send it.


  • Always have your data with you, no matter where you are.
  • If you add files to the favorite list, you can access those files faster even in offline mode.
  • It’s simply and easy to save photos and videos to your Dropbox.
  • Share your photos and docs with relatives.
  • E-mail attachments can be saved directly to the Dropbox storage.
  • Take, save and access class notes, draft agendas and research notes anywhere at any time.

Dropbox for iPad Review Snapshots :

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