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Bloomberg brings you the most trusted and latest source for financial information to your iPad, along with necessary tools to help you analyze the world’s market in just matter of minutes. It gives accurate, timely information about the current financial market around the world. It offers news, stock quotes, company descriptions, market leaders/laggers, price charts, and market trends analysis. With it you can create a customized list of stocks that you want to follow from markets around the world.

Get instant access to all your business and finance news, portfolio tracking tools, market data and more from the trusted source of financial professionals around the Globe. It’s of great use for traders and investors to interact with their stocks and stay up to date with the news they care about the most.

  1. Navigation
  2. My Stocks
  3. Supported exchanges
  4. Currency exchange
  5. News & Podcasts
  6. Commodities


In the start page the app has top news, Equity Indices, My Stocks and current Currency values and set of menus along the bottom of the app that allows you to get into deeper categories of information.

You can personalize the “My stocks” section with a list of stocks you wish to follow all time. The real time tickers will continuously update the stats as long as you’ve got an active internet connection.

My Stocks

Tapping into a stock from the list will present you a graph showing a 1 year overview of that stock’s position. On right hand side you’ll be able to view list of graphs showing stock value of the company with respect to time period, say 1Month, 6 months or 1 year. You can tap these to enlarge them further.

Supported Exchanges:

Bloomberg Finance provides information for all stock exchanges as mentioned below,

  • Dow Jones
  • S&P 500
  • BE 500
  • FTSE 100
  • TSX

There are even more supported exchanges as well. You can also predict the future value of the stocks. Tapping into any exchange will provide you the same information as that of tapping into an individual stock would provide.

Currency Exchange:

Bloomberg supports and updates live currency values within the application. You can set your default currency and it will then show you how your native dollar compares to monetary amounts around the rest of the world.

NEWS & Podcasts:

While the main page shows top news, you can also tap into the news category and view news by section. You may even sort the categories based on your interest, so you have the most updated news with you on top. This makes it a bit easier to find stories you want to read and catch up with.

Podcasts will help you enrich the knowledge even much better. Download the podcasts and listen to them in minutes. Get in touch with the updates to understand the latest market trends.


Now track all the commodities under the sections Energy, Metals, Agricultural products from one place. You will be able to monitor most important products based on their change with respect to time.

Uses of Bloomberg iPad App:

  • For a free app, Bloomberg provides enough information for most users
  • Provides more customized options so you can make the app your own
  • Stock summary is a nice way to quickly view overall position if you hold securities
  • Graphs are easy to read and follow up
  • Summarized information provides a better overview that may help potential investors make an informed decision about what direction a company is heading and whether it’s a good time to invest
  • Latest market-moving news across 35 news categories including: Economy, Politics, Technology, Health Care, Energy, Spending, Bonds, Commodities, Currencies, Emerging Markets, Funds, Insurance and Municipal Bonds
  • Latest market data across major Equity Indices, Futures, Commodities, Bonds & Currencies
  • Tools to create and track companies and indices over time.

Bloomberg iPad App Snapshots: